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Regardless of how much you love your pooch, there will come a time when you’ll have to leave them behind, be it for travel, emergencies, or illness. Your first instinct may be to bring them along with you, only to find out that your hotel has a no-pets policy, or your pooch has suddenly become violently ill in the middle of your vacation.

Not to mention, pet travel isn’t exactly cheap. Instead, some pet owners resort to leaving them with neighbors who, unfortunately, may not even be able to tell the difference between dog food and cat food. 

Source:   What Is Dog Boarding? By Kristina Kledzik.

Pet Care Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and happy home away from home for your pet.  So when you are ready to take a holiday, business, or personal vacation OR if your a traveling with your pets and coming to the Rio Grande Valley area, remember Pet Care Veterinary Clinic where we are here to serve you and your pets boarding needs!

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